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We updated the free Happy Atoms app. Read more.


Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I order Happy Atoms?

You can order Happy Atoms on Amazon, or you can visit your local specialty toy retailer.

I live outside of the United States. Is Happy Atoms available in my country? What if I cannot find it?

Happy Atoms is available on Amazon. If you are having trouble locating a retailer that carries Happy Atoms, please contact Thames and Kosmos customer support.

Where can I download the Happy Atoms app?

You can download the free Happy Atoms app from the App StoreGoogle Play or on Amazon.

What are the supported devices?

For iOS:
Happy Atoms runs on iPad 2, 3, 4, iPad Air, iPad Air 2, iPad Pro, iPad Mini, and Mini 2 using iOS 10 or greater.

For Android:
Happy Atoms runs on Android versions 5.1 and up.

For Kindle:
Happy Atoms runs on Kindles that have Android 4.4 and up.

Will the 64-bit update affect my save data?

Happy Atoms has been updated to add 64-bit support for iOS and Android devices. This will help ensure compatibility with future updates to iOS and Android. This update should not affect your save or data.

How many sets are there, what do they have, and how much do they cost?

Happy Atoms is available in three sizes:

- Introduction to Atoms and Molecules, containing 17 atoms and sells for $59 MSRP
- Complete Set, containing 50 atoms and sells for $160 MSRP
- Educator's Bundle, containing five Complete Sets (250 atoms) and sells for $799 MSRP

Are there lesson plans available for using Happy Atoms in the classroom?

You can find lesson plans, a list of molecules, and a video tutorial of getting started with Happy Atoms on our Resources page.

What is the recommended number of sets per classroom?

While this calculation is dependent upon the number of students in your classroom, we have seen success with 1-to-1 through 1-to-4, or 5 sets for a class of 20 students.

What is your warranty policy?

Thames & Kosmos provides extensive support for their products, and their official warranty and return period is one (1) year. If you have concerns about your product, please reach out to their customer support.

Why isn't Boron or Aluminum included in Happy Atoms?

There were two reasons why we chose to exclude boron and aluminum from the Happy Atoms set. The first reason was science-based. The bonding behavior of boron and aluminum is a bit more complex than the other elements represented in the set. We decided it might dilute the bonding pattern we were trying to reach with the other elements. The other reason was more business-related. The number of compounds boron and aluminum form is limited and didn't justify the cost of adding two more manufactured elements to the system. We wanted to keep the price of the Happy Atoms as affordable as possible, so we made the decision to remove boron and aluminum from the set.

Why don't the characters actually have voices and vocalize the creations that appear on the screen?

There are a few reasons why we went this route:

1) There would be a great deal of dialog to record and place within the app, and the cost would be significant. We wanted to keep the set as budget-friendly as possible.
2) Many schools need apps to be used while muted, which means that audio alone wouldn't work for this part of our customer base. 
3) We plan to translate this game into as many languages as possible, and having to record dialog in many languages would make this task more difficult. 
4) The app is already large because of the big chemical database, and adding myriad voice recordings would make it much larger, which in turn, would make it harder to download and use the app.