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Now available on Android! Get it on Google Play or Amazon.

Introducing Happy Atoms

The physical and digital teaching tool that lets you discover the world of molecules in an intuitive, hands-on way.

Get Happy Atoms

Create molecules from plastic atom models that connect easily using magnets.

Discover the identities of the molecules you build by scanning them with the app.

Explore the molecules you discover, assemble collections of them, and complete guided chemistry tasks in the educational app.

I probably would have learned a lot more in high school... if I had a 3D view of the atomic world.
— John Biggs, TechCrunch
Happy Atoms will be the perfect gift for the budding chemist in your family.
— Techlicious
I learned more about chemistry in 10 minutes than I ever did in a college level course.
— Simone Boyce, Fox 5 News
What may start as a random combining of various atoms turns into a game of discovery.
— Gizmag
Happy Atoms... promotes independent play by letting kids figure out new combinations of atoms by themselves.
— Adam Rowe, Tech.Co
I'd love to see a set of these in every chemistry classroom around the world.
— Sophie Brown, GeekMom/GeekDad
We can't wait to get our hands on this.
— STEM Monkey
... a LEGO-like approach toward teaching chemistry, eschewing the boring and confusing traditional algebra-esque approach.
— Willamette Week
I liked most... that it had the valence electrons and the bonding sites already there for the students.
— Kate Weibl, Chemistry Teacher

Happy Atoms is geared toward students in middle school.

Younger students can use Happy Atoms to jumpstart their chemistry education, and older students can use the system to make chemistry more tangible, visualize complex molecules, and reinforce their chemistry studies.

The App

  • Scan and identify the molecules you build using your device's camera. They are then unlocked on the molecule map.

  • Chart your own personal chemical expedition. The map of the World of Molecules brings each one of your discoveries to life.

  • Take a closer look at the molecules you create. Explore each molecule's composition, systematic name, and how it exists in our word.

  • Form bonds with your fellow colleagues. Rookie chemists Harper and Andee join you on your journey, offering help along the way.

  • Find the right molecule for the job as you work together with Harper and Andee to conduct over 50 different educational research experiments.

  • When you need help assembling a specific molecule, step-by-step assembly instructions can be accessed through the molecule map.

  • Cruise the molecular landscape in style aboard The Nucleus, your own research vessel, to see your progress.

  • Learn more about the atoms that make up the Happy Atoms modeling set by checking them out on our slice of the periodic table.

Download on the App Store Get it on Google Play
  • Molecule Scanner
  • Molecule Map
  • Molecule Examination
  • Harper and Andee
  • Guided Research
  • Step-by-step Assembly
  • The Nucleus
  • Periodic Table

The Models

  • Represents nucleus

  • Represents electron hole

  • Represents free electron

  • Atomic Symbol
  • Plastic Sphere
  • Magnet
  • Flexible Arm
  • Metal Tip

Mat and Manual

Happy Atoms sets include a mat that is white on one side to provide an optimal scanning surface for the molecules and printed with the periodic table on the other side. The sets also come with a printed quickstart manual.

These are the building blocks of the universe. Let’s build it!

Knowledge of chemistry is necessary to solve many real-world problems, but the way chemistry is taught now often fails to capture students’ imaginations, discouraging experimentation and discovery. Happy Atoms aims to change that by offering a chemistry learning experience that sets itself apart.

  • See the difference between elements

  • Feel the forces that bond them together

  • Experiment with ways to combine them

  • Discover the relationships between them

Together we can help everyone discover the real-life wonders of chemistry!

Get Happy Atoms