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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy Happy Atoms?

You can purchase Happy Atoms on Amazon. In addition, Happy Atoms will be available at Barnes & Noble and specialty toy retailers near you.

Where can I download the Happy Atoms app?

You can download the free Happy Atoms app from the App Store here.

What are the supported devices?

Happy Atoms runs on iPhone 5 or later, and iPad 2 or later with iOS 8 or later.

Will Happy Atoms work with my Android device?

At this time, we only support iOS devices. Android support will be added to Happy Atoms in late 2017.

How many sets are there, what do they have, and how much do they cost?

Happy Atoms is available in three sizes:

- Introduction to Atoms and Molecules, containing 17 atoms and sells for $59 MSRP
- Complete Set, containing 50 atoms and sells for $160 MSRP
- Educator's Bundle, containing five Complete Sets (250 atoms) and sells for $799 MSRP

What is the recommended number of sets per classroom?

While this calculation is dependent upon the number of students in your classroom, we have seen success with 1-to-1 through 1-to-4, or 5 sets for a class of 20 students. We will be conducting a randomized control trial at the start of the 2017 school year that aims to better address this question.

Are there example lesson plans with Happy Atoms I can obtain?

Yes! You can obtain example lesson plans and worksheets here.

What is your warranty policy?

Thames & Kosmos provides extensive support for their products, and their official warranty and return period is one (1) year. If you have concerns about your product, please reach out to their customer support.